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Make Easy Sales Helping Small Businesses Sell Products with 

Cryptocurrency Checkout - No Crypto Knowledge Needed!

Get Results in

Three Easy Steps:


Businesses in Need Reach Out

Find small businesses offline and online that desperately want to accept cryptocurrency to sell their products and services because they want to…

  • save $1000s on fees
  • want to reach international customers instantly
  • are frustrated with centralized payment processors
  • & more.


Install Their Site & Cryptocurrency Checkout in a Click

Then, integrate Koincart in a click for a yearly or one-time fee so they can immediately accept crypto and auto-deliver memberships for their courses and classes.

There are DFY themes and ability to accept many cryptos.


Install Their Site & Cryptocurrency Checkout in a Click

The small businesses start accepting cryptocurrency for their products and services hands-free in addition to normal payments.

You just charge for access or setup.

Features Include

Let Small Businesses Accept Cryptocurrency for Products

Customize and install a revolutionary crypto payments widget anywhere to allow businesses anywhere to start accepting cryptocurrency as payment in many different ways easily with a tap.

Auto-Delivery & Auto-Membership Creation

Auto-deliver products and set up memberships automatically after crypto payment (1st app ever to do this).

Auto-Delivery & Auto-Membership Creation

Auto-deliver products and set up memberships automatically after crypto payment (1st app ever to do this).

Sell Digital or Physical Products in a Click

Sell digital courses, physical products, live streaming classes, and more with DFY sales templates and cryptocurrency (or regular) checkout. Just like Shopify - but with breakthrough crypto-payments technology!

Sales and Product Analytics

See analytics for all your products and stores in a tap to know what is converting and what is not.

Accept Multiple Cryptos & ‘Stable Coins’

Which cryptocurrencies you want to accept including BitCoin or digital ‘stablecoins’ that reflet the US dollar value.

Get Local & Online Business Clients Fast

You’ll get businesses that will quickly call you to have crypto payments set up.

Commercial & Agency Rights

Sell crypto payment integration for a fee or give access to the app and let the customer set up the sites and crypto payment widgets.

And so much more

In the most advanced first-to-market agency technology solution


No Monthly Fees

Special Early Bird Discount Today

>Businesses Are Desperate to

 Accept Cryptocurrency Due to

Its Revolutionary Potential…

Cryptocurrency holds the key to not just keeping many small businesses afloat in these rocky times (including many ‘brick-and-mortar’ stores)...

but skyrocketing their earnings and growth, too. 

In fact, there are some insane benefits to accepting crypto payments for goods and services starting today like…

Crypto Adoption is Surging, Get This…

“Cryptocurrency is Being Adopted Faster Than the Internet Was”


Cryptocurrency users are growing at a current rate of over 100% a year; this is well ahead of the adoption rate that the internet saw back in the 1990s and early 2000s. - Google

“90% of Businesses Who Accept Crypto See Big Growth”


Major companies have just started accepting BitCoin and other cryptocurrencies, and many small businesses are dying to join them.

“9 in 10 Americans Know About Crypto 16% Actively Use it”


People in USA and around the world are not only learning about crypto, but actively using it each day.

“75% Of Small Businesses Plan to Accept Cryptocurrency Soon”


That means you have a huge opportunity to help small businesses accept crypto as payment.

Sell Any Type of Product with Gorgeous Templates in a Click

Online Training Courses

Live Streaming Classes

Physical Products

Consulting Services



No Monthly Fees

Special Early Bird Discount Today

It's So Easy to Get Results


A Frustrated Business Reaches Out To You

Say, a small local yoga studio is strapped for cash and wants to save on fees and sell their courses and live classes to a bigger audience for more revenue.

Plus, their previous payment provider froze some of their money, and they contacted you for help.


Tap a Few Buttons to Set Up Their Crypto Checkout & Site

Just integrate Koincart for a yearly or one-time fee so they can immediately accept crypto and auto-deliver memberships for their courses and classes.

There’s already a Yoga DFY site with Yoga themed crypto widget ready to integrate and sell to our Yoga company in just a click


They Grow Their Business & You Get Paid Passively

Now, our Yoga studio client is selling products and streaming classes worldwide instead of locally, including to big countries previously out of reach.

Plus, they are saving on fees and not worrying about chargebacks or frozen payments.

They can accept coins like Bitcoin, which significantly appreciate value, or ‘stablecoins’ like USDT, which reflect the US dollar value.

Best of All, You Don’t Need to Know Anything About Crypto to Profit from Koincart

Just integrate the payment widget on you or your client's site, and collect a monthly check for use.

It's So Easy to Get Results


Create a Product

Create a product you want to sell with cryptocurrency in a few easy clicks. Koincart is the only software to date that allows you to sell and auto-deliver any type of product you want.

Enter key information like if the product is digital or physical, membership creation information, thank you page URLs, and more.


Choose Your Crypto Payment Methods

Then, choose what cryptos and type of crypto processing method you want to accept for your product. Koincart allows you to integrate the most amount of crypto payment methods for checkout in many different ways.

Allow customers to pay via just a wallet address or a 3rd party system that holds their crypto or fiat like PayPal, for example.


Create a 'Web3-Style' Sales Site or Embed Their Payments Widget

If the business you are working with doesn’t have a high-converting product sales page, create one for them in a click. Create modern web3-style product order pages for small businesses from our huge selection of DFY templates in all the most popular niches most likely to accept cryptocurrency.

Customize each page with drag/drop technology and host it on Koincart cloud servers.

If the business already has a sales page, simply embed a checkout widget on their page so they can accept cryptocurrency and keep their pages hosted.


Export Reports & Get Paid

See detailed product and sales reports for everything you sell via your Koincart account. Filter these by the client and export them.

Then, charge a monthly or yearly fee to continue to allow the business you’re working with to accept cryptocurrency.


No Monthly Fees

Special Early Bird Discount Today

Check Out the Demo:

Some Unique Features Never Seen

 Before in ANY App Include…

They Grow Their Business & You Get Paid Passively

Allow businesses anywhere to quickly accept cryptocurrency in a variety of easy for their products and services.

Our checkout widget allows customers to pay for products and services in cryptocurrency in the most ways possible hassle-free and can be installed anywhere on any page fast and easily.

Accept Cryptocurrency, StableCoins, and Fiat in the Most Ways Possible

Connect multiple crypto payment providers and choose which ones you want to use to accept cryptocurrency as payment.

Allow customers to pay in crypto many different ways for the highest conversions possible. They can pay via wallet address, or through a centeralized service like PayPal crypto checkout.

Plus, we have integration to allow all the most popular coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum, plus ‘stablecoins’ like USDT and even regular fiat USD.

They Grow Their Business & You Get Paid Passively

Create modern web3-style product order pages for small businesses from our huge selection of DFY templates in all the most popular niches most likely to accept cryptocurrency.

Help businesses like yoga studios, pet supply businesses, info-marketers, and more quickly sell their products with crypto online with high converting DFY sites needed for better conversions today.

Drag/Drop Page Creation Technology

Drag/drop your way to stunning sales pages that are fully hosted on Koincart servers. Customize everything about each templates including the text, images, video, buttons, and more.

They Grow Their Business & You Get Paid Passively

Koincart is the only technology on the market that can autodelivery products or set up memberships after someone pays in cryptocurrency.

Choose to auto-direct customers to a thank you or download page after checkout, or insert IPN urls to auto-create their secure membership.

Organize by Client

Organize payment processors and other crucial data by each client you work with. Koincart makes it easy to run an agency service that helps small businesses grow with the power of cryptocurrency.

Memberships will be auto-created after payment is complete and have their products and services paid for in them.

They Grow Their Business & You Get Paid Passively

Koincart is the only technology that allows you to sell either digital goods or physical products with cryptocurrency available today.

Choose if the product is digital or physical inside the setup dashboard, and enter key details like tax information, inventory, and more.

DFY Cloud Hosting & Custom Domain Names

Host clients web3-style sales pages and crypto checkout on our services with a dedicated URL. Or assign you or the client’s domain name to the page for higher conversions.

They Grow Their Business & You Get Paid Passively

Need clients to sell your crypto ordering services? We'll show you how to find businesses that will quickly call you to have crypto payments set up in detailed training.

Sales and Client Analytics

See transactions and crucial stats about each store and product you are selling inside of Koincart.

Filter stats by product and client, and export reports to the client in a click.

And Even More Features Like…

Fully Cloud-Based App

24-7 Support

DFY Site Hosting

Client Management System

Fully Tested

In-App Training

Frequent Updates Included

Intuitive UI

Mobile Friendly


No Monthly Fees

Special Early Bird Discount Today





Agency Client Booking System

Agency Booking System adds appointment booking capabilities to you or your client’s website. It’s easy to set up and—more importantly—easy for your agency customers or their customers to book appointments.


CryptoAgency VIP Webinar Ticket

Don’t understand what cryptocurrency is or the best way to sell crypto payment services to small businesses? Reserve your spot in a VIP webinar that will explain what crypto is and how to easily sell crypto payment solutions to desperate businesses big & small.


Reseller Rights to Amazing Agency Flyers

Take your agency to the next level with these editable, professionally designed marketing flyers.

Get ‘offline’ clients by posting these and hand them out in conferences and meetings to get clients.


Resell Rights to Local eCom Site Maker

Get a premium wordpress theme that allows small businesses to sell their inventory online.

This theme is fully customizable with drag/drop editing and comes in many different niches & styles. Integrate your crypto payment widgets with this.


DFY Local Video SpokesPeople

You'll get tons of lively video spokespeople to integrate into you or your clients videos!

Comes in many different ‘local' niches like dentist, real estate, and more to use for offline videos, unbranded and ready to sell or use in your own promo videos.


WP TubeLeads $127

With this plugin you can enhance the user engagement of your YouTube review videos and increase your mailing list.

Integrate any YouTube video and start converting right away. Use the time-stamps with the review video to maximize interest and action.


Resellers Rights to VidNeos

VidNeos takes hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of real life, real business insights from real videos and real sales...and packs it all into a one-stop-shop software... Research, Create, Analyse, Optimise & Backlink (video and website) - Do EVERYTHING from one place.


Resellers Rights to WPDollar3 Pro 

WP Dollar 3.0 is THE most powerful store builder on the market for Amazon. Go from Amazon Newbie to Autopilot Cash in 9.7 Minutes or less with this Revolutionary new Wordpress Plugin. Create full amazon stores on autopilot...no tech skills needed.


Resellers Rights to SocialNeos Pro

SocialNeos rewards customers for sharing content, builds your list and creates a powerful Social Notification system just like Mobile Push Notifications - message your users any time, on any device!It's The Only Viral Traffic Plugin You'll Ever Need Turn Any Video or Content into a List Building Machine in 3 Easy Steps.


Resellers Rights to AKBooster

AK Booster Pro can help You Gain a Massive Advantage over your Competitors... And Mazimize Your Profits in a snap... Find profitable, easy to rank, Kindle niches in minute and promote your book to thousand of hungry buyers to rake in loads of traffic.


Resellers Rights to Upto 100 Ready-Made Niche Blogs

100 ready-made blogs, packed with all the content you’ll need to attract FREE search engine traffic, backlinks, visitors and buyers… Each blog comes wrapped inside a beautiful, high converting blog design and designed to work in perfect harmony with WP Dollar 3.


Resellers Rights to VidAgency WP Theme

VidAgency Theme is one of its kind WordPress theme that is plug-n-play video agency website setup theme.All you need to do is hit the install button and the theme will do the rest. In fact, you don’t even have to create or write content yourself!


Whitelabel License to AppSpyPro

AppSpyPro helps you find the most popular niches and keywords in Apple iOS store, Google Android Play Store and other mobile app stores...


Whitelabel License to Adsense Dragon

The AdSense Dragon is a detailed, step-by-step blueprint of the exact system used to dominate Adsense.


Whitelabel License to VidNeos AutoVideo Theme

VIDNEOS THEME takes all the guesswork out of Video Blogging and does all the heavy lifting for you, while making you tons of money from the massive video traffic that your blog will attract.. Create UNLIMITED Content Rich, Self-Updating & Auto-Traffic Video Blogs, In Minutes Without Ever Creating a Single Video!


Whitelabel License to SocialNeos Theme

...Build Unlimited Beautiful Viral Video Blogs In Any Niche Using The Intelligent NeosTheme... ALL on Autopilot Without EVER Creating a Single Video!....


Whitelabel License to CurationNeos Desktop App

CurationNeos allows you to turn other people’s red hot content into your own unique, traffic-getting content in seconds! In just seconds, you can create your own unique, curated content that you can use to rake in daily free traffic from social media, Google, in your emails, and more!


Whitelabel License to Pin Matrix Pro

Pin Matrix pro is an Fully Automated Adobe Air Software Automates Pinterest Tasks . Mutlipe image pining, Setting Delays and automating the pins on different niches boards to dive niches targeted traffic


Lifetime Access to CurationNeos WebApp

Search, find, edit, and curate other people’s red hot content into your own unique, traffic- getting content in seconds.


Lifetime Access to Video Sales Authority

Premium training (exclusive to customers), designed from the ground up to take you by the hand, and teach you how to copy my entire business marketing strategy. It is a multi-step system that leverages psychological "progressive agreements", to turn your business into a powerhouse.


Lifetime Access to Independent Authors Academy

Independent Author's Academy is the "Lite Version" of the upgrade we just offered you... with a big price drop that will make you go "Ooo..." with temptation!


Lifetime Access to VidRank Training

A premium training designed from the ground up to take you by the hand and teach you how to copy an entire successful business marketing strategy to earn loads of profits.

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