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MEGA OFFER: Post Lockdown Business Opportunity

Activate Your Full Blown & Ready To Profit Local Marketing Agency Without Any Budget, Marketing Skills or Technical Experience!

See For Yourself

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L O C A L   A G E N C Y B O X

Both Beta Testers And Newbies
Are Equally Thrilled With The Results 
They Have Been Able To Get With Local Agency Box

Start An Agency FAST With Our STUNNING 

Done-For-You Marketing Material

  • Agency Website To Showcase Your Services

  • Proposals To Pitch Your Services & Close Clients

  • Professionally Designed Graphics

  • Attorney Drafted Contracts

  • Facebook Ad Creatives

  • Web Banners & Google Ads

  • Telemarketing Scripts

  • Use OUR Testimonial & Case Studies

  • Our 'Tested and Trusted' List Of Service Providers For Dropservices

  • Plus 7 Figure Agency Bootcamp Training & Prospecting Kit

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My  BONUS PACKAGE is another Place Local Agency Box really Shines.


Exclusive Bonus 1

1.2 Million US Business Database

This is a very premium and congruent bonus to the Local Agency Box offer!

When you combine this database with your LocalAgencyBox prospecting kit, you’ll simply be unstoppable and light years ahead of your competition.

Just imagine this… With LocaAgencuBox, your target clients are local business owners and now you’re getting a robust database containing all the relevant data about over 1.2 million local businesses across the US.

The database include:

  • Business Name
  • Category & Sub category
  • Address (City & State)
  • Zip code
  • Phone Number
  • Website
  • Email
  • Latitude & Longitude

This is no doubt a guarantee that you are going to be successful with Local Agency Box, so hurry and pick up your access right away!

Exclusive Bonus 2

365 Days Social Media Calendar

Whether for branding or marketing purposes, content marketing is very key. This is why we have put together this very awesome Social Media Content Calendar to help you solve your content marketing and content strategy challenge.

Whether for you or for your clients, this calendar gives you a daily, well thought out content strategy for the entire year(365 days).

It comes with 365 days of quality and unique post ideas, post content and post inspiration to help you stay up to date, consistent and remarkable in your content marketing, whether for yourself or for your clients.

Once you pick up Local Agency Box, you get instant access to this bonus.

       Exclusive Bonus 3

Ultimate Content Vault

The ultimate social media marketing vault with everything you need to engage your audience, wow them, get them excited and turn them into leads and sales.

It comes with:

  • 65,000+ Inspirational Image Quotes.
  • 175,000+ Text Quotes (Spreadsheet)
  • 1300+ Motivational Videos
  • 2000+ Fitness Videos
  • 300 Yoga Videos
  • 300 Cooking Videos
  • 4000+ Stylish & Engaging Fitness Image Quotes
  • 6500+ Best Interesting Facts Images
  • 4500+ Best Movie Quotes Images
  • 39,500+ Recipe Images
  • 99,000 PLR articles (multiple niches)

Exclusive Bonus 4

Restaurant App

With LocalAgencyBox, you get a complete and ready made agency kit for Restaurant agency. This will allow you to help local restaurant operators to take their business online.

The fact is, Restaurants and Cafes are among the worst hit during the lockdown, as a result restaurant operators now see the need to take their business online so they can easily receive and manage orders over an online platform.

This means that the market for your restaurant agency is there and very hot and with Local Agency Box you get the assets to close these clients…

But have you thought of an easy way to render the said services?

I doubt you have, but not to worry, we did the thinking for you… Once you pick up LocalAgencyBox today, you get access to our in-house Restaurant App, with this app you can easily set up an online restaurant platform for your clients.

The tool is web based and super easy to use!

How better can this deal get?

Hurry pick up your access now while these launch special bonuses are still up for grab.

Exclusive Bonus 5

Restaurant Database

With LocalAgencyBox, you get a complete and ready made agency kit for Restaurant agency. This will allow you to help local restaurant operators to take their business online.

The fact is, Restaurants and cafes are one of the most severely affected during the pandemic lockdown, as a result restaurant operators now see the need to take their business online so they can easily receive and manage orders over an online platform.

This means that the market for your restaurant agency is there and very hot and with Local Agency Box and the special bonuses, you get the assets to close these clients and render them the service..

But I wanted to make this deal a lot sweeter…

Once you pick up your access to LocalAgencyBox today, you get instant access to an exclusive database of over 780 thousand restaurants across the US.

The database fields include:

  • Business Name
  • Cuisine
  • Rating
  • Addr1, Addr2
  • City, State, Zip & Country
  • Latitude & Longitude
  • Contact (Phone, Email & Website)
  • Open hours
  • Meals

With this database, imagine how easy it will be for you to close clients and completely dominate that niche!

Exclusive Bonus 6

Local Business Graphics Bundle

This is an all inclusive bundle of 40+ premium and attention grabbing marketing graphics pack cutting across over 40 local niches. The graphics were professionally designed and come ready made with high converting copies/text!

You can use them on your website, for social media marketing, you can use them to run ads… In Fact, you can use them for virtually any marketing or branding purposes you can think of.

You are getting access to both the jpeg file for a preview and the PSD file, so you can easily edit and customize to fit your specific need.

You also get agency rights to the bundle. This means you can both use it for yourself to get clients and you can as well use it to render services to your clients.

Hurry now to pick up Local Agency Box and get instant access to this special bonus.

Exclusive Bonus 7

Lead Generation On-Demand [Worth $497]

Generating more leads is anything but easy and if you don’t have a solid marketing strategy that will drive more traffic to your website, you’ll never be able to generate the leads you need for your business to succeed.

Keeping this in mind, this comprehensive guide shows you how you can generate laser targeted leads for your offers and make the most out of them to boost your success.

Now what are you waiting for? Get laser targeted leads and use with the immense powers of 10xHostings to send them unlimited mails and become successful in the long run.

Exclusive Bonus 8

Promoting Your Site Successfully

Promoting your site to countless masses has become the need of the hour for every marketer today.

So, inside this package, you will get all the essential information that will help to promote your site in an easy manner.

With the help of this package, you will learn site promotion basics, how to use directories, Meta tags and keywords, building reader loyalty, building links, creating and promoting a series of return visits, use network exchanges for successfully promoting your business website or the marketing pages

Exclusive Bonus 9

Web Conversion Videos 

Easily boost your web conversion rates with the help of this effective bonus package.

This video training guide covers the factors that will help your website increase its conversion rate beyond anything you have ever hoped for.

This package is of multi-utility when combined with the immense powers of SuperStores

Exclusive Bonus 10

FB Traffic Engine (Drive FB Likes, Shares & Traffic)

FB traffic engine gives you the ability to lock any page on your website and make it visible only if the visitor clicks the Like button.

This Increases your Facebook page fans, URL likes and Shares & Drive more Social traffic to your website.

You can apply the content locker on all the pages, or only some selected pages, you can also create an unlimited number of content lockers that are all independent on each page.

More social engagement = more traffic!

Exclusive Bonus 11

Social Trend Spy: (With Agency Rights)

Social Trend Spy Plugin is a very highly sort after WP plugin that allows you to spy on profitable trending High Converting Ad Campaigns in any niche included some training and even a guide to help you with some keyword ideas.

Social Trend Spy Plugin allows you to narrow your research to which website posted and/or keywords broken all the way down to posts by date photo posts.

Exclusive Bonus 12

This App handle huge lists of emails without straining the server thanks to a powerful “threads” system that divides the email lists into smaller chunks. This plug  Supports a huge amount of features including external smtp servers. 

These are the most notable features:

  • Can handle huge mailing lists (tested with 300k+ addresses).
  • Avoids mail server congestion, e-mails are sent in chunks you’ll be able to monitor the process in real time thanks to the power of AJAX.
  • Supports both csv files and mySQL as email lists. Easy to use with an existing mySQL database: create a schema or even a custom query to access your data
  • Multiple configurations, switch between lists and mails with a simple click.
  • Sends mixed html/txt emails. Sets the correct mail headers to avoid being marked as spam.
  • Uses the powerful Pear Mail library (can fall back to the standard mail() function).
  • Remote HTML parsing. Mailing Master can directly send a webpage (as well as a local files).
  • All options are configurable from the web interface, and no database is needed for Mailing Master to work.
  • Complete e-mail validation, checks if the address actually exists with a dns query.
  • GET strings passed to the template for user based customization.
  • Powerful log system.
  • Uses twitter bootstrap for the interface.
  • ooPHP PHP4 compatible.

Exclusive Bonus 13

Full A-Z Product Launch Guide

Want to learn How to Launch Block Buster Software?

Here is a Full A-Z Product Launch Guide from having a high converting sales copy and pages built for your WordPress plugin/software to having it listed in a marketplace where affiliates line up to promote your product while you earn from other peoples sweat.

Exclusive Bonus 14

Traffic Manager

With this You will be able to manage the Internet traffic on your website and to enhance it. 

You may:

+ see statistics on users browsing your website;

+ see statistics on web crawler;

+ inform Google, Bing, etc. when your site is updated;

+ geolocate the visits on your site;

+ configure your statistics cookies to be in conformity with the CNIL regulations;

+ configure Google Analytics;

+ add sitemap.xml information on your website;