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While there are many flashy “InstaTHIS or TicTakTHAT” gimmicks that come and go …

Usually after getting blacklisted by the platform they pull traffic from …

TrafficZion has stood the test of time and is now even better than ever.

Instead of fake promises, it’s the world’s only TRULY push-button traffic software with the results to back it up.

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  • Fully automated, set & forget traffic
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How Are We And Thousands Of Users


It’s 3 Step Simple:

  • Connect your profile & websites using the cloud-based software
  • Tell the software what niche& keywords you want free traffic for
  • Sit back & watch free targeted visitors convert into leads & sales on your monetized sites

It’s that easy!

No fancy tech skills or experience needed,

and no waiting for results. ANYONE can do this.

Introducing …

TrafficZION Cloud

For Unlimited Free Buyer Traffic In Any Niche

TrafficZion Cloud is the world’s best app for unlimited FREE, laser-targeted buyer traffic …

fully-automated 24/7 with set & forget simplicity.

  • 100% free buyer trafficlement
  • Generate passive income in ANY niche
  • Skyrocket your clicks, conversions, leads & sales
  • Effortlessly build a massive following
  • TRULY set & forget - nothing to monitor, no campaigns to run
  • Super fast results - often in under one hour
  • 100% beginner friendly - includes step-by-step training on getting AND monetizing free traffic
  • TrafficZion Cloud Can Work For You Even  Faster Than Paid Ads! 

The Power Of Same-Day Traffic

Until now, there was ALWAYS a trade-off with traffic.

If you wanted FAST, you needed to pay. If you wanted FREE, you needed to wait.

Now thanks to the TrafficZion software siphoning visitors INSTANTLY using our exclusive system …

You get lightning fast traffic … 100% free!


    For unlimited, targeted, FREE traffic hitting your sites DAILY?

    For a TRULY push-button software that makes traffic set & forget simple?

    For a method that works, backed by thousands of users and years of proof?

    Then Hit That Button And Let’s Get You The Traffic You Deserve!

Traffic That’s Hiding In Plain Sight

We stumbled up this years ago, when trying to get traffic for a new blog … and knew we’d found a GOLDMINE:

  • Instant Traffic - results often in UNDER AN HOUR
  • Real Buyers - most visitors are from Tier One countries
  • Grows On Autopilot - the platform continues to grow daily

The only thing missing?

Automation - you had to do everything MANUALLY which could take hours.

If someone could automate this traffic source to make it SET & FORGET ...

You’d never worry about traffic again and could get unlimited consumers to your monetized sites 24/7/365.


really Shines.


Exclusive Bonus 1

FB Live Video Engager (Live Reaction Voter)

This is a tool for displaying Facebook reactions in real-time on a Facebook Live video voting, You can also choose the number of competitors and add a image for them, which leads to promoting and increasing reach to your page, and also you can do a live broadcast on YouTube & Twitch & Daily motion.  

it’s Great Way To Get More Facebook Page Likes.

Here Are The Cool Features Built Into FB Live Video Engagr

  • Multiple Live Pages.

  • Animated Reactions.

  • REAL-TIME Statistics.

  • Customize text color, background image.

  • You can add music from YouTube or SoundCloud on a live page.

  • and more

Exclusive Bonus 2

Own a Profitable Facebook Ad Agency

Here's what you're going to learn at the end of this course;

1. Facebook Ad Mastery
2. Securing your first client
3. Turning your one-time-clients into monthly recurring clients.
4. Handling common client objections.
5. Scaling up within 90 days.

 Exclusive Bonus 3


Link Supremacy provides the perfect balance of backlinks to skyrocket straight to #1 in Google in less than 7 days.

Exclusive Bonus 4


Video Strike is a powerful desktop app that creates incredible presentations for your videos & webinars.

Exclusive Bonus 5

VidPix PRO

VidPix lets you place buy buttons, optin forms and even videos on top of your images.

Exclusive Bonus 6

FB Audience Builder (Lets You Scrape the Perfect audience on FB & Boost Your Campaigns Without Stress)

This will help you build a super targeted Facebook audience for your campaigns by collecting and extracting user data (Name & ID) from any post on Facebook pages, groups, events and save data to a TXT file, Imagine Scraping up to a million results at once, export as TXT, then boost your campaigns while save time and money looking for the perfect audience.

Exclusive Bonus 7


The most complete facebook ads training course best  in the world right now.

Exclusive Bonus 8

Own a Profitable Facebook Ad Agency

Here's what you're going to learn at the end of this course;

  • 1.Facebook Ad Mastery
  • 2.Securing your first client
  • 3. Turning your one-time-clients into monthly recurring clients.
  • 4. Handling common client objections.
       5.Scaling up within 90 days.
  • Exclusive Bonus 9

    FB Traffic Engine (Drive FB Likes, Shares & Traffic)

    FB traffic engine gives you the ability to lock any page on your website and make it visible only if the visitor clicks the Like button.

    This Increases your Facebook page fans, URL likes and Shares & Drive more Social traffic to your website.

    You can apply the content locker on all the pages, or only some selected pages, you can also create an unlimited number of content lockers that are all independent on each page.

    More social engagement = more traffic!

    Exclusive Bonus 10


    VidLock is a premium WP plugin that lets you capture leads and make more sales by "locking" your videos until visitors perform a certain action.

    With reseller rights.

    Exclusive Bonus 11


    WebbyApp turns any WP site into a fully fledged mobile app (iOS & Android)

    With reseller rights.

    Exclusive Bonus 12


    Logo Studio creates amazing logos with the push of a button from hundreds of high-quality templates.

    IMP Instruction: Install Adobe air runtime before using this app

    With reseller rights.

    Exclusive Bonus 13

    Keyword Research Ninja 2.0 (Worth $47)

    Keywords play a very important role in matching your website content with what your targeted viewers are looking and hence helps in ranking your website higher in search engine. 

    Keeping this in mind, check out this product where you’ll get an amazing tool that escalates and filter profitable keyword terms on the internet.

    Exclusive Bonus 14

    WP Email Timer Plus License:

    WP Email Timer Plus is a plugin that allows you to create beautiful countdown timers even INSIDE your emails! 

    This will help to increase conversions, sales and also click through rate inside your emails because the moment someone opens your email, they immediately see the timer ticking to zero and urging them to take action right away.


    Other than email, you will have the option to add the countdown timer to your blogs/websites as a widget.

    Exclusive Bonus 15


    VidConnect curates & monetizes videos on Autopilot so you always have fresh, high converting and easy to rank content on your sites

    Exclusive Bonus 16

    FB Email Collector:

    This is a simple tool you can install on your website to let users login with Facebook to download a freebie or access a members area while you get their Facebook email address.

    With FB Email Collector You Can:

    Create your Login with Facebook button and place anywhere you want on your website with a shortcode And also Let users login to your website with 1 click. It Auto Saves their Facebook emails to a list within the plugin or automatically stream them to your email autorresponder on Mailchimp or GetResponse.

    Exclusive Bonus 17

    This powerful app allows you to take ANY long video and automatically summarize the key content in that video so you can then paste these short notes & bullet points into Doodle Maker app to create short educational videos that get more traffic, leads and sales for ANY industry!