Stop Losing Customers – The Shocking Reason Your Marketing Isn’t Working! ARMagic

Stop Losing Customers - The Shocking Reason Your Marketing Isn’t Working! ARMAGIC
Stop Losing Customers - The Shocking Reason Your Marketing Isn’t Working! ARMAGIC

Attention spans are short, and competition is tough. Grabbing your audience’s interest is harder than ever. That’s why AR is here: to help you stand out and make a lasting impression.

With AR technology, your marketing materials turn into exciting experiences that drive clicks, leads, sales, engagement, and customer loyalty.

However, integrating AR into your business can be tricky. 

Despite clear benefits—like Nike’s 30% sales increase from virtual try-ons and IKEA’s 40% boost in online sales from furniture visualization—the technicalities can seem daunting. 

Many businesses miss out on AR’s potential because they’re intimidated by the technology or unsure where to start.

But guess what? There’s something new that’s shaking things up. It’s called ARMagic. 

And it’s not your average marketing tool – it’s the best. ARMagic turns boring marketing into attention-grabbing 3D AR experiences. 

They work. They pull people in and get them clicking and buying like crazy.

So, why struggle to keep up with the competition when you can stay ahead with ARMagic? Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself.

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Stop Losing Customers - The Shocking Reason Your Marketing Isn’t Working! ARMAGIC

ARMagic is the first cloud app that lets everyone easily create and profit from 3D video augmented reality (AR) marketing experiences using advanced AI. 

With ARMagic, you can transform ordinary websites, lead pages, cards, and flyers into captivating, interactive AR spaces that boost sales without needing any apps or external hardware.

– Create stunning AR experiences with no coding required.

– Pick from a variety of pre-built 3D AR scenes across many niches.

– Access a vast library of 3D assets by simply searching keywords.

– Compatible with any device using cutting-edge ‘multiscene’ 3D technology.

– Use an intuitive drag-and-drop editor to quickly build your AR scenes.

– Stand out from the crowd and dramatically increase attention, leads, and sales.

– No need to download apps or buy special hardware to interact with your AR creations.



Stop Losing Customers - The Shocking Reason Your Marketing Isn’t Working! ARMAGIC

Unique Features Never Seen Before In Any App Include:

1. Launch AR-Enabled Marketing Campaigns Lightning Fast

Breathe new life into your products, rapidly boost sales, significantly raise brand awareness, and greatly increase customer loyalty with highly interactive augmented reality marketing campaigns.

2. AI Easy-to-Use Zero Code Editor

Simply choose a template, effortlessly drag and drop images, videos, 3D models, and other assets onto your scene, add functional buttons and actions then confidently hit publish and you’re done!

3. Big DFY Augmented Reality Scenes Library

Choose from tons of meticulously pre-built 3D scenes in diverse small business niches like insurance, florist, event planning, ice cream parlor, real estate agents, marketing services, restaurants, and many more.

4. Tons of AR Assets to Build From

Select from a wide array of impressive 3D assets to build your unique augmented reality experience. Just type a keyword, effortlessly pick from an extensive range of 3D augmented reality assets, quickly preview what it will look like, and add to your 3D video scene in just a click.

5. Built-in Ads, Business Card, & Flyer Builder

Automatically place your AR QR code directly into creatively designed ads, business cards, or flyers and edit them effortlessly in the cloud. Customise everything exactly how you want by adding text, skillfully editing layers, adding shapes and emojis, and then exporting to the dimensions of your choice.

6. DFY Templates for Magic QR-Codes

Choose from a variety of already designed-for-you business card, ad, and flyer templates to seamlessly incorporate your augmented reality QR code into. These are available in the most popular business niches perfectly matched with augmented reality 3D scenes.

7. Make AR Lead Generation Campaigns

Generate substantially more leads with advanced AR lead campaigns. Add opt-in forms and compelling CTA videos to highly interactive AR scenes that engage people and help you efficiently build your list faster.

8. Offline or Online Tracking Technology

Display augmented reality content on surfaces of the real world like cards, flyers, packaging, and more. Alternatively, create captivating AR experiences on the web like on sites, lead pages, blogs, and more.

9. No Apps or Hardware Needed

For the first time ever, let users experience augmented reality marketing without having to download any annoying apps from the app store, or invest in costly metaverse and VR gear.

10. Multiscene 3D technology

Recognise multiple images through the same camera view without needing to scan a QR code each time. Build entire 3D scenes that play out with many interactive parts.

11. Interactive AR Experiences

Let users actively interact with your AR experience as they view it. Include engaging videos to play and hear, CTA buttons that effectively sell products, social media links that build your online tribe, and much more.

12. Import Your Own Marketing Materials

Add your own videos, images, icons, and more into the app and add them to your augmented reality scenes in a simple tap. Just drag and drop them into place — no coding needed.

13. Wide Range of Supported Content

Combine different types of content to design immersive experiences with realistic 3D models, images, videos, sound effects, and music.


Stop Losing Customers - The Shocking Reason Your Marketing Isn’t Working! ARMAGIC

ARMagic is incredibly straightforward to use:

Step 1: Create an Augmented Reality Experience with AI

Choose to customize an already prepared augmented reality experience template available in numerous niches, or creatively build your own from scratch using the ‘blank canvas’ editor.

Step 2: Customize with Drag/Drop Technology

Then, effortlessly personalise your augmented reality experience using the AI-powered no-code editor.  

Freely drag and drop 3D elements wherever you desire, resize and position them precisely to suit your specifications.  

Additionally, select from an extensive array of 3D models and assets to enhance your experience, or upload your own 3D files, images, videos, and more.

Step 3: Embed the Magic QR Code or Magic Image Anywhere

Subsequently, generate a captivating QR code, or a magical image. When scanned, this QR code will activate the augmented reality experience.  

Remarkably, no additional app installations, metaverse gear, or equipment are necessary to engage with it.

Step 4: Add to DFY Cards, Flyers, Ads, & Anywhere Else

Moreover, swiftly create business cards, flyers, social media ads, and more directly within ARMagic to quickly incorporate your QR code.  

Customise these from a variety of ready-to-use templates in popular niches and export them to use or sell to a client efficiently and effortlessly.

Why Should You Choose ARMAGIC

Let me walk you through some compelling reasons:

1. ARMagic offers the fastest, most user-friendly way to create impactful augmented reality experiences.

You can effortlessly transform mundane marketing tasks like business card designs or website promotions into captivating AR experiences. 

ARMagic breathes new life into traditional marketing channels, allowing businesses to captivate and engage their audience in innovative ways that are never seen before in the industry.

2. With its advanced AI-powered, zero-code editor, ARMagic simplifies the creation of AR campaigns.

Even without any technical skills, you can customise your AR campaigns by adding interactive elements or embedding powerful calls-to-action (CTAs). 

ARMagic equips you with the tools to create immersive experiences that can be developed quickly and with ease, ensuring your marketing stands out.

3. ARMagic not only enhances user engagement but also significantly boosts sales and brand loyalty.

By enabling businesses to showcase their products in a virtual environment or engage consumers with interactive content, ARMagic creates memorable experiences that make a lasting impression on the audience, thus fostering deeper brand connections and loyalty.

4. It includes a commercial license, allowing you to create and monetize AR projects for other businesses.  

This opens up a lucrative opportunity for you to use ARMagic not just for your own marketing needs but also as a valuable service offering. You can develop tailored immersive AR experiences that meet the specific needs of your clients, thereby expanding your business offerings.

5. You have complete autonomy over your pricing and profits.

With the commercial license that comes with ARMagic, you decide how much to charge, allowing you to capitalize on your efforts by providing in-demand AR services to businesses looking for innovative marketing solutions.

See the testimonials below to discover just how effective and revolutionary ARMagic can be for your business and your clients.

See the testimonials below to discover just how effective and revolutionary ARMagic can be for your business and your clients.


Q: Does the User Need to Download an App or Hardware to See the AR?

Not at all. ARMagic is the 1st solution that lets you experience augmented reality without the need to download a 3rd party app or buy expensive gear.

Q: Do we need to buy external solutions or integrate API keys?

Nope, no need to buy or invest in anything else.

Q: Does it work on Windows and Mac?

Yes. ARMagic is 100% cloud-based, so it works on any system, device or screen size, from anywhere in the world.

Q: Is there training and support available?

Yes, we’ve got full step-by-step training if you need it, plus hands-on support from our team, waiting on standby to make sure you get results. However, the software is so drop-dead simple, you’ll probably never need us!

Q: I already bought unique AI apps, do I need this too?

In a world where attention spans are under 2 seconds, if you have marketing that looks like everyone else’s it’s almost impossible to get ahead… even with cool AI apps.

This uses unique AI to turn boring marketing materials into magical 3D augmented reality ones.

The future of marketing is the switch from boring 2D marketing materials to immersive 3D augmented reality experiences that captivate attention.

So, you can start now with the ‘first movers’ advantage, or wait and have to play catchup paying higher fees and losing out on clients you could have won now.

Q: What kinds of AR experiences does it create?

You can AR experiences for every type of marketing purpose out there. Do things like…

Create AR experiences that get the user to opt-in for lead generation

Create AR educational experiences for coaches/consultants

Create AR experiences for sales & retention-based marketing

Create AR experiences that let viewers try products without being in a store & much more.

Q: How do we use these AR experiences to increase sales?

Most websites, flyers, biz cards, & other marketing materials get ignored these days. 98% of visitors will ‘bounce’ and never interact with your ad, leadpage, flyer, etc.

ARMagic provides a revolutionary way to reduce this bounce rate for higher attention. If you think about it, attention is the new ‘currency’ and those that leverage it will make the most money and win the most business now and into the future.

So, you can embed augmented reality experiences that get visitors to take action or reinforce key selling points on ANY marketing material you want that visitors can interact with immediately.

Just a 2-7% bump in attention & conversions (which ARMagic will do far more) can mean the difference between a business generating little to no leads or a business going on to dominate their industry.

Just like video marketing revolutionized selling online, augmented reality video will do the same only more..

Q: Is this app hard to use?

No, this is the first-ever no-code easy-to-use app that lets anyone create amazing augmented reality experiences from scratch. Even if you’ve never had success online and think you’re bad at technology, you can have results with this.

Q: Is this a recurring fee? If not how can you offer something so advanced for so little?

There will be a recurring fee soon, but during the founder’s discount special you can get access with NO monthly fees or hidden costs.

Q: How Much Can I Charge as an Agency?

Newbies are charring $1000+ per AR marketing material and landing clients for $2000/month fees. That very low compared to what other AR agencies are charging.

Q: Where Do I Get the Clients as an Agency?

You can find these clients just about anywhere such as Fiverr, Upwork, etc. All they have to do is see a demonstration and their in.

If you buy today you’ll qualify for special training that will walk you through additional steps to guarantee you land your first client.

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